The Cursed Kdrama (2022) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

The Cursed is a Korean drama series. It has already been released on Netflix but you will get to see all this on Netflix in Korean language only. But now this series The Cursed has also been released in multiple languages ​​on the MX Player platform.To watch this series, you will have to watch a total of 12 episodes whose length is approximately between 45 minutes to 1 hour. I have watched the series completely. After watching it completely, I am going to share my experience with you through the blog. 

The Cursed Kdrama (2022) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Cursed Kdrama

The story of this series is very simple, in this the actress will be shown working in the forest case. In this case, a very big IT company of South Korea is involved and the person who is the CEO of the company has very strong influence. While the lead character is working on this case, she meets a character named Suzheen. Susan has some super natural abilities. To see what both of them do together in this series and what happens next, you will have to watch this Korean drama. 

My Experience After Watching The Cursed Kdrama

The dubbing of this series is in multiple languages ​​and the voice of the cast is very good. But that's why its background is very disturbing and what's special about it is the VGM of this series. This series is not dialogue heavy so it will make you feel very disappointed at every place. The Cursed Kdrama is much better in its original language than its multiple language dubbing. When this series was released, its producers and writers had told about its sequel, that is, about the sequel season 2 of this series, but there is no information about it yet. But if you like the story of the series very much and you want to know the story of this series further, then I would like to tell you about a movie which was released in 2021, The name of the movie was The Cursed Dead Man's Prey. When the final battle takes place in this series, its further story has been shown very well in this movie but this movie is available in its original language i.e. Korean. Watching this movie is not compulsory at all but if you like its drama very much then you can follow it. In this movie too, you will enjoy a lot by seeing the mysterious things like dead bodies, their angle when they become alive. 

This Korean series is not at all for all audiences, it is especially for those audiences who especially like to watch slow paced dark mystery thriller movies. But if you want to watch this series because of romance or comedy, then let me tell you in advance that there is nothing like romance and comedy in this series. This is a very slow paste series. If you want to watch it till the end, then you will have to watch each episode very carefully to understand the mystery of this series by watching it slowly.

The theme explored in this series is about dark magic. If you are new to this theme and have not explored this type of theme much, then the cursed series will give you a lot of fun. The mystery, thriller, conspiracy and twists and turns that you get to see in the theme of this series The Cursed are very good.The horror seen in this series is also decent but not so scary that you can get scared after watching it. But it may be a bit scary for the general audience.  The Mistry of this Kdrama is very late and you will enjoy watching it. And all I would like to say to you is that if you like and want to watch fun to watch mystery thriller k drama series then you should not miss this series.

According to me, the concept of this series is very good and the story of this series is also very engaging. Therefore, after watching this entire series and considering my experience, I would like to rate the series as an overall judge, 8/10.

The Cursed Kdrama Wiki Release Date

The Cursed Kdrama Release date:-  10 February 2022

The Cursed Kdrama IMDb Rating:-   7.2/10

Also known as:-  The Method

No. Of Episode:-  12

Genre:-  Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Language:-  Korean

Running Time:-  1 Hour

Platform:-  Netflix, Mx Player

Origin Country:-  South Korea

Production Company:-  CJ ENM Co., Climax Studio, Studio Dragon

Series Directed By:-  Yong-wan Kim

Series Writing By:-  Sang-ho Yeon

The Cursed Kdrama Cast Name

Uhm Ji-won  (Im Jin Hee)

Jung Ji-so  (Baek So Jin)

Sung Dong-il  (Jin Jong Hyun)

Min-soo Jo  (Jin Kyung)

Kim Min-jae  (Lee Hwan)

Jung Moon-sung  (Jung Sung Joon)

Shin-rock Kim  (Seok-hee)

Yebin Jung

Lee Joong-ok  (Chun Joo Bong)

Go Gyu-pil  (Tak Jung Hoon)

Kim In-kwon  (Kim Pil Sung)

Cha Mi-kyung  (Jong Hyun's mother)

Kwon Yul  (Lee Jung Hoon)

Byung Mo Choi  (Kim Joo Hwan)

The Cursed Kdrama Trailer

How to Watch "The Cursed Kdrama" All Episodes Online?

✅The Cursed Kdrama Is streaming on the Netflix And Mx Player App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play Store or App Store

✅ Subscribe to the Netflix App

✅ Watch The Cursed Kdrama On the Netflix And Mx PlayerApp.

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