Believer 2 Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Believer 2 is a crime thriller action movie which has been released on Netflix. This movie has also been released in multiple languages on Netflix and finally I have watched this movie Believer 2 completely and now I am going to share my experience with you through this block. 

Believer 2 Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Believer 2 movie

In this movie, we get to see the story of Detective Joe who is searching for Mr. Lee, Asia's biggest and most powerful drug lord. But the biggest problem facing the detective is that till date no one has seen Mr. Lee i.e. the drug lord. So the main story in this movie is whether the detective will be able to find this powerful drug lord or not and what kind of challenges does Detective Joe have to face while searching for Mr. Lee in this entire movie.

My Experience After Watching The Believer 2 Movie

This movie Believer 2 is the sequel to the movie Believer released in 2018. Believer movie, released in 2018, will be available on Netflix but you will not get to watch it in multiple languages. The story of 2018's Believer movie has been continued further in this Believer 2 movie. But if you have not yet seen Part One of this movie i.e. Believer 2 Movie, then you do not need to watch it, you can directly watch this movie Believer 2. Because you will get to see many short video explanations of Part One on YouTube so that you will get a good experience of Part One of this movie series so that you will be able to understand this movie.

I would personally suggest you that if you are interested in this movie, then definitely watch the trailer of part one of this movie. If you like it, then you should personally watch it on Netflix only. This will give you a better understanding of this Believers 2 movie. I have watched both these movies and Believer 2018 movie is still good and my experience with it was also decent. Like Part One, Believer 2 movie is also a fast paced and action thriller based movie.If, like me, you also like watching action thriller crime drama movies, then this movie will pass a good amount of your time, you will definitely watch this movie. In the Believer 2 movie, we will also get to see some gun fight scenes, some hand to hand combat science and you will get to see a lot of brutality in this movie. The action of Believer 2 movie is also good decent. 

In this movie Believer 2, most of the focus is shown on brutality and action scenes. The substance that you will get to see in this movie is not very strong. The story and characters of this movie will keep you decently engaged with the movie. But don't expect much from the story and characters of this movie because it is not very developed detailing, not unique or nor seen depthness anywhere. In this movie Believer 2 you will get to see decent characters, their performance, the music, production quality of the movie, everything is decent. In short I would like to rate this movie Believer 2 overall 7/10. This movie Believer 2 is an average show. And I would just advise you that if you people like watching action thriller shows then you must watch this movie. Advice, you can even skip this movie Believer 2.

Believer 2 Movie Wiki Release Date:

Believer 2 Movie Release date:-  17 November 2023

Believer 2 Movie IMDb Rating:-  6.1/10

Also Known As:-  Dokjeon 2

Taglines:-  Some Wars Never End

Genre:-  Action, Crime, Thriller

Original Language:-  Korean

Running Time:-  1 hour 54 minutes

Platform:-  Netflix

Origin Country:-  South Korea

Filming locations:-  Seoul, South Korea

Production companies:-  CJ ENM Co., CJ Entertainment, Superfiction

Director:-  Jong-Yeol Baek

Writing By:-  Cheol-Hong Jeon

Star Cast:-  Seung-Won Cha, Kim Dong-young, Andreas Fronk

Music By:-  Primary

Believer 2 Movie Cast Name

Seung-Won Cha  (Brian)

Kim Dong-young  (Manko)

Andreas Fronk  (Brian's Bodyguard)

Han Hyo-joo  (Big Knife)

Cho Jin-woong  (Won-ho)

Lee Joo-young  (Lona)

Tzi Ma  (Professor Lee)

Seung-Hoon Oh

Believer 2 Movie Trailer

How to Watch The "Believer 2 Movie" Online?

✅Believer 2 Movie Is streaming on the Netflix App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play Store or App Store

✅ Subscribe to the Netflix App

✅ Watch The Believer 2 Movie On the Netflix App.

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