Salaar Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Salaar is a South Indian movie.  To watch this movie, you will have to give approximately 3 hours of your time. The Salaar movie has been A certified, which means that you will get to see a lot of blood and violence in this movie. So if you want, you can keep this movie away from your children or you can also prefer watching it with your family. Salaar is directed by movie director Prashant. And I have seen The Salaar movie today and now I am going to share my experience with you through this blog. 

Salaar Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Salaar Movie

The story of this movie has been shown briefly in the trailer. You must have seen the trailer of Salaar movie in which it is shown that follows the story of the journey of two friends.  The names of these two are Vardha and Deva. In this movie, Wardha Khansa is the son of the Empire's ruler. Due to some critical situations, Vardha has to leave her umpire and then the story starts after a gap of 25 years in the movie, Some people are shown trying to kidnap Shruti Haasan's character.  Shruti Haasan is playing the character of Adhya in this movie. Deva saves Aadhya from being kidnapped and some situations are created due to which Deva has to go back to Khansa Empire. What situations are created due to which Deva has to go back to umpire and who is trying to kidnap Adhya, to see all that you will have to watch Part One of Salaar Movie.

My Experience After Watching The Salaar Movie

In the salaar movie you will get to see style over substance, meaning only mass and mass. If you people enjoy watching action without going too deeply into the story and characters, then this movie Salaar is for you only. If you are a fan of South Indian hero Prabhas and you watch any of his movies with great enthusiasm and his presence alone is enough for you to watch the movie, then you must watch this movie. This movie Salaar has completely created an environment of KGF and you will get to see KGF like cinema again in this movie. In this movie Salaar, you will get to see a lot of fight sequences, hand to hand fight sequences, gun fight sequences and sword fight sequences. In this, many slow motion short suits have been made with hero Prabhas and the VGM that will be heard on these slow motion is of amazing. Agreed, the VGM shown in this movie could have been better but it's ok. 

Characters performance Of The Salaar Movie

If we talk about character development in Salaar movie, it is also seen quite good but if we compare it with KGF movie then it is not so special. Because the emotional connection that should be felt with each character is not felt so well in this movie. In the first half of this movie, you get to see the development of characters and story and as it progresses, you get to see a lot of character based twists and turns. If we talk about the screen acting of the movie, it confuses a lot of people, but the climax and fight sequences seen in the movie are all amazing.  

Weak Points Of The Salaar Movie

You get to see a little bit of mutual connection between the characters in this movie. The builder of the story could have been even better. The story writing of the movie could have been even better, especially in the second half where a lot of confusion has been created for the audience. And the character arc of the supporting cast seen in Salaar movie is also not developed much.  

If you remove the shortcomings mentioned in the movie Salaam and experience this movie, then you will like this movie directed by Prashant Neel a lot. In the salaar movie you will see everything very good, be it cinematography, set design, action, everything. Rest of the story in this movie was a bit dull, but the music, production quality and production work are all good, hence I would like to give this Salaar movie an overall rating of 7.2/10. And in the end I would just like to tell you that if you are an action lover or a fan of Prabhas or you like watching director Prashant's movies, then you must watch this Salaar movie.

Salaar Movie Wiki Release Date

Salaar Movie Release date:-  22 December 2023

Salaar Movie IMDb Rating:-  7.1/10

Budget Of The Salaar Movie:-  Est. 270 crore

Also Known As:-  Salaar: Part I - Ceasefire

Taglines:-  The most violent men.... Called one man.... The Most Violent

Genre:-  Action, Drama, Thriller

Original Language:-  Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu

Running Time:-  2 hours 55 minutes

Platform:-  Official Site

Origin Country:-  India

Filming locations:-  Hyderabad, Telangana, India(Shot in Ramoji film city, Hyderabad.)

Production companies:-  Hombale Films

Director:-  Prashanth Neel

Writing By:-  Sandeep Reddy Bandla, Choudary Hanuman, Prashanth Neel

Star Cast:-  Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan

Music By:-  Ravi Basrur

Cinematography By:-  Bhuvan Gowda

Editing By:-   Ujwal Kulkarni

Salaar Movie Cast Name

Prabhas  (Salaar)

Prithviraj Sukumaran  (Vardharaja Mannaar)

Shruti Haasan  (Aadhya)

Jagapathi Babu  (Rajamanaar)

Tinnu Anand

Shrey Bhargava  (Shreyansh kumar)

Madhu Guruswamy


Bhajarangi Loki

Jackey Mishra  (Police Officer)

Sriram Reddy Polasane  (Gaekwad)

Ramachandra Raju

Garuda Ram

Easwari Rao

Dayanand Reddy

Shreya Reddy


Saran Shakthi

Salaar Movie Trailer

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