The Village Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

The Village is a survival thriller horror series which has now been released on Amazon Prime. In The Village series, we get to see a total of 6 episodes and the length of each episode is approximately between 35 to 50 minutes. Today I have finished watching the series completely and now I am going to share my experience with you through this blog.

The Village Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Village Web Series 

In this series we get to see the story of a boy and his family, the boy's name in this series is Gautam. Gautam and his family are living a perfect life when one day suddenly they have a trip plan and decide to go on a road trip. But this road trip proves to be very dangerous for Gautam and his family when after reaching the highway, due to traffic jam, they set out on a different unknown path. And then they reach a village where they encounter some dangerous monsters. After that, to see what happens to Gautam and his family and what the monster does, you will have to watch this series The Village.  

My Experience After Watching The Village Web Series

The village is an Indian series. In the village series we get to see something different from the typical drama and crime. Indian creators do not have a big budget like Bollywood creators, which is why we see some VFX and CGI related issues in Indian series. This series is also a low budget series but still the creator of this series has tried to present something different and that is why this movie is a movie worthy of praise for me.  

About The Village Web Series 

The story of this series and the character work in this series and even the performance of the actors are all things so this movie is not very good.This work of the movie is in the hands of the creator, if he wants, he can develop much more than this, but we do not get to see how special the story character work of this movie is, it is all just decent.  The story of The Village series is a mixer of Hollywood's different survival horror thriller movies. If you people like watching Hollywood series and Hollywood movies, then when you watch this series, you will not know which Hollywood movies and series you will remember. But if you people are not interested in watching Bollywood shows, then you are going to have a lot of fun watching this series because you might not have seen it in Indian shows before, and the story of The Village series will keep you engaged from beginning to end. 

Another problem with The Village series is that the character work of the series is very weak, Due to the characters of this series being weak, even when you see the characters trapped in the most dangerous situations in this movie, you will not feel any emotional attachment and care for them. The work of the characters in this The Village series has been kept to the surface level only. 

The action of this series has also not been developed very well and you will not find the monsters very dangerous in this series. And the characters in the Village series will be seen shooting at these monsters throughout the series, and there is no fun fight scene to be seen anywhere in this series. In The Village series, the creator's entire focus has been on showing brutality, but the way brutalities are shown in the series may impress a young audience but the mature audience does not like it. 

In short, this series has been an unsatisfying experience for me but still I would definitely ask you guys to watch this show.Do not watch this show The Village series keeping your expectations high, it is a normal series, you will enjoy watching this series. It falls in the category of a blue average series so I would like to rate Sirius 6/10. You can avoid watching The village series with your small children because there is a lot of brutality in the series. The story of this series has not been finished yet in season one. Season 2 of The Village series will also come.

The Village Web Series Wiki Release Date:

The Village Web Series Release Date:-  24 November 2023

The Village Web Series IMDb Rating:-   6/10

Also Known As:-  Mut├ínsok falva

No. Of Episodes:-  6

Genre:-  Horror, Thriller

Language:-   Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi

Running Time:-  35 to 50 minutes 

Platform:-  Amazon Prime

Origin Country:-  India

Series Filming locations:-  Tamil Nadu, India

Production companies:-  SP Cinemas, Studio Shakthi

Series Directed By:-  Milind Rau

Series Writing By:-  Deepthi Govindarajan, Milind Rau, Deeraj Vaidy

The Village Web Series Cast Name

Arya  (Gautham)

Aadukalam Naren  (Shakthivel)

Muthukumar  (Karunagam)

George Maryan  (Peter Pandiyan)

Divya Pillai  (Neha)

Baby Aazhiya  (Maya)

Arjun Chidambaram  (Prakash)

V. Jayaprakash  (GSR)

Thalaivasal Vijay  (Jagan)

John Kokken  (Farhan Hameed)

Pooja Ramachandran  (Happy)

Pn Sunny  (Sairaj)

Kalairani  (Subhadra)

Ashwin Kumar  (Devraj)

A. Seemon  (Lucky)

S. Tharani  (Mala)

Kabali Vishwanth  (Sethu)

Abishek Kumar  (Arul)

The Village Web Series Trailer

How to Watch "The Village Web Series" All Episodes Online?

✅The Village Web Series Is streaming on the Amazon Prime App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play Store or App Store

✅ Subscribe to the Amazon Prime App

✅ Watch The Village Web Series On the Amazon Prime App.

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