Napoleon Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Napoleon is a Historical War Dreams Movie which has been released in Cinema:.And I have watched the movie Napoleon and I want to share my experience with you through this blog.

Napoleon Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Nepoleon Movie

In the movie 'Napoleon' we will get to see the era of the French Revolution. And meanwhile, the story of the rise or fall of a young army officer Napoleon is shown in this movie. In this you will see how Napoleon became the supreme ruler of France from a French army officer. And whatever Napoleon did, how many more wars he fought. So even after doing all this, to know how Napoleon fell, you will have to watch Napoleon movie.  

My Experience After Watching The Nepoleon Movie

This movie is based on a true story and its main character is Napoleon. Or everyone has their own opinion about Napoleon, some people call Napoleon good and some consider him very bad. Ridley Scott is a director at this movie Napoleon. Ridley Scott has made many good films even before this movie. But the story shown in this movie Napoleon is an incomplete experience. Napoleon has fought in many wars and played his important role very well in the French Revolution. Or Napoleon had a troubled married life which is also shown in this movie. The problem in this movie Napoleon is that Napoleon's life has not been explained in enough detail or in a full impact way.

We have been pleased by keeping everything at the surface level. Some major events of Napoleon's life have been depicted in this movie but all that will remain a little designed for us. Because we will see lack of detailing and depth in every scene of this entire movie. The reason for all these things is the length of this movie. The length of this movie is approximately 4 hours, that is why many scenes have been tracked in it and the story has been dragged on for a very long time, that's why there is a lack of deathiness and detailing in the scenes of this movie. Initially only Apple Plus was chosen to release the film Napoleon but then Apple Plus decided to release the film in cinemas. Before releasing it in the cinema, Apple Plus News re-edited the movie in which more than 1 hour of the movie was cut, then this movie was released in the cinema. 

You all will get to see the complete version of this movie in Apple Plus, but for that we will have to wait, it is possible that the movie released in Apple Plus will be 4 hours or a little longer. The story of this movie is very interesting but if you watch the cinema version of this movie, it will not only lack detailing and deathliness but you will also find some scenes unsatisfactory. Due to all these reasons, the length of Napoleon movie will feel even more to you. 

In this movie we will get to see three big battle sequences, the first battle sequence is in the beginning of the Napoleon movie itself, it is a very small scene, the second battle sequence is in the middle part of the movie and the third is at the end of the movie. This scenes is very good, it is fun to watch.The performance of all the actors in Napoleon   movie is good and the performance of the actress is such that it keeps us watching this movie till the end.

The production quality, music production work of Napoleon movie, everything is very good.If we talk about the character of this movie, then the main character of this movie is Napoleon and the character of Napoleon is an interesting character of this movie, so you would like to know more about Napoleon. In this movie, the relationship between Napoleon and his wife is also shown and the love between them is also shown.But in this movie, apart from Napoleon and Napoleon's wife, you will not see much development about all the characters and you will not give them much weight. 

After watching this movie, I could not decide whether this movie Napoleon is very good or not.  The performance of the characters in this movie is very good, the battle sequences seen are also very good, we have already talked about their music and production quality,All these are also very good, in short I can say that this movie The Napoleon is a good movie. Because the story and characters of the movie are based on real events and are very well developed. But even after watching this entire movie, you will not develop any strong feeling for this movie, you will not be able to get emotionally attached to this movie. After watching this movie, you will definitely find some things missing like the detailing of death. And if you people like watching slow and long movies then this movie is for you, 

you will definitely watch this movie and if you get bored watching long movies or are not able to watch it in one go then no problem, You can skip this movie because if you want, you can listen to a book or a story book on Napoleon. Considering so many things, I would like to rate The Napoleon movie 7/10 because this movie is a decent and average movie. If you want to see a better version of this movie then you should wait a little because this movie is also going to be released in Apple Plus which I am sure will be better than the Napoleon movie released in cinema. You can avoid watching any movie with your family because we will get to see some sex scenes in this movie.

Napoleon Movie Wiki Release Date:

Napoleon Movie Release date:-  22 November 2023

Napoleon Movie IMDb Rating:-  6.8/10

Also Known As:-  Đế Chế Napoleon

Taglines:-  The world, for Josephine.

Genre:-  Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, War

Original Language:-  English

Running Time:-  2 hours 38 minutes

Platform:-  Official Site

Origin Country:-  United Kingdom, United States

Filming locations:-  Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, UK

Production companies:-  Apple Studios, Scott Free Productions

Director:-  Ridley Scott

Writing By:-  David Scarpa

Star Cast:-  Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Tahar Rahim

Music By:-  Martin Phipps

Cinematography By:-   Dariusz Wolski

Editing By:-   Sam Restivo, Claire Simpson

Casting By:-   Kate Rhodes James

Napoleon Movie Cast Name

Joaquin Phoenix  (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Vanessa Kirby  (Josephine Bonaparte)

Tahar Rahim  (Paul Barras)

Rupert Everett  (Duke of Wellington)

Mark Bonnar  (Junot)

Paul Rhys  (Talleyrand)

Ben Miles  (Caulaincourt)

Riana Duce  (Lucille)

Ludivine Sagnier  (Theresa Cabarrus)

Edouard Philipponnat  (Tsar Alexander)

Miles Jupp  (Emperor Francis I)

Scott Handy  (Marshal Berthier)

Youssef Kerkour  (Marshal Davout)

John Hollingworth  (Marshal Ney)

Abubakar Salim  (General Dumas)

Thom Ashley  (La Bedoyere)

Jannis Niewöhner  (Hippolyte Charles)

Julian Rhind-Tutt  (Sieyes)

Napoleon Movie Trailer

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