Kafas Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Kafas is a social drama series that has been released on Sony Liv.  In this series, we get to see a total of 6 episodes, and each episode lasts approximately 40 minutes. Finally, I have watched the series completely and now I am going to share my experience with you through this blog. 

Kafas Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Kafas Web Series

In the Kafas series, we see a small family's story. This family is of Raghav, his wife Seema, and their son Sunny, we are shown the story of these three very well in this series Kafas. Sunny is a child actor who returns home after shooting for his first big movie. But everything changes in the life of Sunny and her family when Sunny tells her parents about the sexual abuse he has been subjected to. A very big fan star has settled with Sunny. When he tells the whole truth to his parents, after that whatever happens in the story, you have to watch this series Kafas from start to end. 

My Experience After Watching The Kafas Web Series

Kafas series is a remake of the British drama series Dark Money. I have not seen this Dark Money British Drama Series, I am doing this review based on the Kafas series I have just seen and not based on this British Drama Series. It is understood that it is seen in open dreams, it is very good, it is normal that we do not get to see shows on such topics. In this series, sexual abuse with a boy was shown, not a girl. Often we get to hear that many girls face sexual abuse in the film industry, similarly, some boys also have to face sexual abuse. But no one wants to talk on this topic, even if someone wants to talk, he is silenced by intimidation or by giving him a lot of money. This is the only situation and a big question is kept in front of it. Is it right or not for the parents or those who want to raise their voices to remain silent after taking money? Does it make any difference in our society or not? 

These questions have been explored in this series. And whenever the focus of this series remains on the mainstream line of the story of this series, this series keeps you engaged decently. But as soon as the focus of the series shifts to its subplots such as the subplot involving Sunny's father Raghav and his ex-wife, the subplot involving Sunny's sister and her boyfriend. All these subplots have been shown to you unnecessarily in this series, they all have no effect in the main storyline of this series Kafas. And because of these unnecessary subplots, this series seems to be drugging you. If all the focus of Sarah in the series was done in the main storyline and these subplots were removed, this series could have been even more interesting. Sunny's journey is also missing in this series. If Sunny's rise to become an actor was shown in this series, then this series could have been even more attractive. 

What is shown to us, in the end, does not give us that much strong impact because, in this series, no emotional scene concept has been shown regarding Sunny's character. So that we can connect with Sunny's character very emotionally and understand the count of her parents who endured the sexual assault of their daughter by taking money. The thing that we were shown in this series in such a long time, we could have been shown in normal 2.5 hours to 3 hours. The pacing of this series is also very slow and due to all the plots shown in it, the story feels like dragging us. That's why you may feel bored at some places while watching the series and that is why this series does not put that emotional impact on you which could have been put by its concept.

Characters Performance Of The Kafas Web Series

The main character of this series is Sunny and I like Sunny's character the most in this series. Apart from Sunny, I did not like any character in this series. And character of Sunny's sister shown in this series is a very irritating character. The performance of the actress in this series is decent, the rest of the series' music production, quality production work, and everything we get to see is decent in this series. 

In short, If we say something about this series, then the concept of this series is very good but the execution of the story and concept of the series in this series is not that special. If you people do not have anything good to watch other than watching this series, then you can watch this series Kafas if you want, but you do not have to keep your expectations too high while watching the series. But by watching this series you should know that this Kafas series is a slow pace series. So if you guys find it too boring to watch slow pace shows, that is still not for you. Considering all these issues I would like to rate this series Kafas 6/10. If you want, you can watch this show with your family, but in this way, you will get to hear a lot of adult language. And one thing, in season one of this series, the story has ended, now you will not have to wait for season 2 of what is a limited series.

Kafas Web Series Wiki

Kafas Web Series Release date:-  23 June 2023

Kafas Web Series IMDb Rating:-   6.9/10

Also known as:- 

No. Of Episode:-  6

Genre:-  Drama

Language:-  Hindi

Running Time:-  40 Minutes

Platform:-  Sony Liv

Origin Country:-  India

Production Company:-  Applause Entertainment Ltd, Madia Entertainment

Series Directed By:-  Sahil Sangha

Series Writing By:-  Karan Sharma

Series Editing by:-  Sherwin Bernard, Anshul Gupta

Series Casting By:-  Mukesh Chhabra

Series Music By:-  Pranaay

Series Cinematography By:-  Anubhav Bansal

Kafas Web Series Cast Name

Sharman Joshi  (Raghav Vashisht)

Mona Singh  (Seema Vashisht)

Zarina Wahab  (Neelima)

Tejasvi Singh Ahlawat  (Shreya Vashisht)

Vivan Bhatena  (Vikram Bajaj)

Mikail Gandhi  (Sunny Vashisht)

Akanksha Kadre  (Fatima)

Sharad Gore  (Romil Verma Security Guard 2)

Debashish Naha  (Debashish Mishra)

Chirag Pandya  (Anmol)

Shiwangi Peswani  (Anita)

Nikhil Sangha  (Brijesh Singh)

Jiten Mukhi  (Landlord Dubey)

Yash Bhojwani  (Kavish)

Smita Singh  (Kaamna Dhanwani)

Dawood Khan  (Romil Verma Security Guard 1)

Darshna Khandelwal  (Reporter 2)

Charu Chauhan  (Nurse)

Kafas Web Series Trailer

How to Watch The "Kafas" Web Series All Episodes Online?

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