XO, Kitty Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

XO Kitty is a teen romantic comedy-drama series which series has been released on Netflix. There are a total of 10 episodes in this series and the duration of each episode is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The XO Kitty series has also been released on Netflix in multiple languages.  After watching the XO Kitty series completely, now I am sharing my experience with you through this blog. 

XO, Kitty Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The XO Kitty Web Series

In this series, you will get to see the story of a teenage girl Kitty. Kitty thinks she knows everything about love and travels from America to Korea to meet her long-distance boyfriend. And takes admitted to a high school in Korea itself. After that, there are many ups and downs in someone's life, and you will definitely enjoy watching all the changes that they bring to their love relationship. To know all these sequences, you have to watch Star to End XO Kitty series.

XO Kitty series is Spain of To All The Boys film series. Then this question must have come to your mind before watching this series, do we have to watch To All the Boys movie? So there is nothing like that you don't need to watch that movie before watching this series. You can watch the XO Kitty series directly.

My Experience After Watching The XO Kitty Web Series

In my view XO Kitty series is a fun and lighthearted drama series. This series is definitely going to be liked by a part of the audience who love to watch the performance of high school teens. When I started watching the series, I did not like the first episode of this series so much. But even then I continued watching the series, episode after episode I started finding this series a bit interesting and I started liking its characters too. You may also not like the first episode of the series, but if you watch 1-2 episodes of this series, you will also start liking the characters of the series and you will get engaged with them. And then, like me, you'll get engaged in their complicated relationships, and you'll be engaged until the end of the XO Kitty series. And then you will also like this series because of its story and its character. 

Characters Performance Of The XO Kitty Web Series

Overall you will like the performance of all the actors in the XO Kitty series. The background music in this series and the production quality of the series, the production work, the character's work, all the things are very good for you to see.

Overall this series will be liked by young audiences who like to watch high school team drama. But if you are a pro audience, then the XO Kitty series is not for you at all, young audience will still do a good job watching it as time pass. Because this series will not be able to add anything new to your experience, you must have already seen a lot of this type. The same thing is seen repeating in me too, which we have seen in many good thoughts earlier also. In this series, you will see a girl falling in love with a boy and sometimes you will see a boy running after a girl. Sometimes in the series, two girls will be seen fighting among themselves for one girl. So sometimes two girls will be seen studying behind one boy. You will also get to see some relationships which will be bi-sexual and some boys will be seen falling in love with the boy. A girl will be seen loving the girl; in this series, you will get to see all these sequences. The main character in this is a girl who first loves a boy, but later she realizes that she is not in love with this boy but with a girl. So you will get to see all these sequences again and again in this series, which you have seen many times before, so you will not get to see anything new in the XO Kitty series.

The story of this series is the very predictable pro audience will produce each and every beat of this show in advance. That's why I will message that if you are an audience then you can easily skip this series. Considering all these issues, I would rate the XO Kitty series 7/10. If you go, you can avoid watching this movie with your family because you will get to see many adult scenes in this series and hear adult language.

XO Kitty Web Series Wiki

XO Kitty Web Series Release date:-  18 May 2023

XO Kitty Web Series IMDb Rating:-   6.8/10

Also known as:-  Цілую, Кітті

No. Of Episode:-  10

Genre:-  Comedy, Drama, Romance

Language:-   English

Running Time:-  30 Minutes

Platform:-  Netflix

Origin Country:-  United States

Series Filming locations:-  Seoul, South Korea

Production companies:-  Ace Entertainment, Awesomeness TV, Jenny Kissed Me

Series Directed By:-  Jennifer Arnold, Katina Medina Mora

Series Writing Credits:-  Jenny Han, Jenny Han, Jessica O'Toole, Alanna Bennett, Chris Martin, Hanna Stanbridge, Siobhan Vivian

Series Music By:-  Jina Hyojin An, Shirley Song

Series Editing By:-   Katie Abel, Lindsay Armstrong, Nicole Artzer, Michelle Harrison

Series Casting By:-  Lyndsey Baldasare, Su Kim, David Rapaport

Series Cinematography By:-  Lindsay George, Sandra Valde-Hansen

XO Kitty Web Series Cast Name

Anna Cathcart  (Kitty)

Anthony Keyvan  (Q)

Minyeong Choi  (Dae)

Jocelyn Shelfo  (Madison)

Théo Augier Bonaventure  (Florian)

Ivan Melgares  (Iguana Kid)

Alexander Morel  (Jock)

John Corbett  (Dan Covey)

Yunjin Kim  (Jina)

Sarayu Blue  (Trina Rothschilds)

Sang Heon Lee  (Min Ho)

Gia Kim  (Yuri)

Peter Thurnwald  (Alex)

Jordana Summer  (Pool Party Couple)

Regan Aliyah  (Juliana)

Michael K. Lee  (Professor Lee)

Daniel C Kennedy  (Baggage Man)

Sam Scherzer  (Sunscreen Couple)

XO Kitty Web Series Trailer

How to Watch The "XO Kitty Web Series" All Episodes Online?

✅XO Kitty Web Series Is streaming on the Netflix App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play Store or App Store

✅ Subscribe to the Netflix App

✅ Watch The XO Kitty Web Series On the Netflix App.

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