The Boys Web Series (2019 - 2022) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

The Boys is an American superhero television series. Season 3 of The Boys series was released in 2022 on Amazon prime but I have just completed this series. The first season of this series was released in 2019. There were a total of eight episodes. And the second season was released in September 2020, with a total of 8 episodes.  

First, we talk about season 3 of this series the Boys. In season 3 you get to see a total of 8 episodes and the duration of these episodes is around 1 hour. This series was also released in the language on Amazon Prime.  

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Story Of The Boys Series Season 3:

At the end of the second season, we get to see that the people of both groups (the seven or the boys) get separated. At the beginning of the third season, a movie is shown, which is based on the universe of the boys, the seven. And also Homelander is shown fighting against a villain. On the other hand, Butcher meets his son whose power was now increasing. Butcher tells his son that when he learns to use his powers well, he will face a villain from Homelander. And then he will be able to kill the homeland. Butcher plans to kill Homeland, now it has to be seen how this season ends. Will Homelander be killed in this season or will Season 4 be created? 

My Experience After Watching The Boy Series Season 3:

It was a great experience for me after watching this series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series whether it is season 1, season 2, or season 3. The ending of The Boys Season 3 is definitely a bit disappointing and the overall series is decent. 

If you like watching superhero series movies and if you miss this series then maybe you will miss a very good experience, I feel like watching it now. If you have watched Season 1 and the To The Boy series, then you will love Season 3 as much as you loved Season 1 and Season 2. And if you have not seen season 1 and season 2, then you can compare season one and season two with the overall review of this series, you will not see much difference. Like the previous seasons, you guys will get a very strong lee to see political cultural and social satire comedy in season 3, this season 3 is also very darkly funny. The story of this series will keep you continuously engaged and you will get to see some good shocking and sub-prizing funny moments in season 3 as well. You will also get to see many twists and turns and big reveals in the story of season 3 of The Boy series. You will also get to see some good shocking and brutal scenes in this series. 

Characters Performance Of The Boys Series:

We have also been introduced to some interesting new characters in season 3 of The Boy series. Especially you will get to see the new character of Soldier Boy in season 3 and you will like this character very much.  About all the old main characters of this series, you will also find a lot of new interesting things in this season. Season 3 of The Boy series will also see a lot of growth and depth in the connection dynamic between all the characters featured. Homelander is a villain character in this series who will become your favorite actor. Homelander is the kind of monster that you will absolutely hate, but still want to see on screen all the time. And this will give proof that you had a very good emotional connection between the seasons of this series whether it has been made with the actors. Not only Homelander but I really liked all the characters in this series. The performance of the rest of the characters is also stronger in this season 3 than in both seasons. The music of the show and the production quality production work everything is just too good. 

Weak Points Of The Boys Season 3:

In season 3 of The Boys series, we will get to see The Witcher versus The Homelander. We will get to upload the tension between Butcher and Homelander from season one itself, from season-1 onwards we are being shown the fight between these two. And we've just been waiting since season one about Butcher becoming empowered and taking revenge on Homelander. And since season one itself, we have been waiting to see when we get to see a fight between Butcher and Homelander, and we get this chance in season 3, that too twice. The first is in the middle of season 3 and the second is at the end of season 3. But both times we did not get to see a very large and intensified one. We get to see a lot of limited action in both the fights between Butcher and Homelander. And according to me this is also the biggest point of this season that there is a fight in this season but that fight looks very normal. Whatever action we got to see in season 3 is not that special. 

But if we think about keeping this point aside then this movie is not that bad and the story which ends in season 3 of The Boy series is very good. Season 3 of this series The Boy series is overall fun in my view, just the auction was a bit weak this season. This series overall was quite an enjoyable series for me and I will rate this series the Boys 8/10 and also I will plot you guys that you must watch this whole series, you will enjoy it very much.

About The Boys Series Season 1:

The universe of The Boys series is very different from our universe. There are many people in the universe of the boys who have superpowers available and the story also revolves around corporations as well as superheroes. The series revolves around 7 Superstars, They call themselves The Seven. Super Heroes have a status higher than that celebrities. In the eyes of the public, these survey superheroes are the ones who help the public and are sharp-minded, but in reality, they are also as corrupt as the common people inside. That means, like common people, they also have ego, selfishness, and desire to get everything, because common people have it. 

Story Of The Boys Series Season 1:

At the beginning of season one of the series, we see a man named UV standing with his girlfriend. At the same time, a member of The Seven gets pushed hard by his girlfriend, only for Yuvi to save her girlfriend's hand, due to which he becomes the Rebellion of The Seven. For this reason, he wants to avenge his girlfriend's death and he takes help from an FBI agent named Billy Butcher. Together they go after The Seven. Then he meets another person whose name is French, and in this way, another member joins his group. And then another member joins their group M.M.  By doing this, there are 5 people in the group of these people and then they name their group The Boys, based on this concept this series has been built. Somewhere or the other the fast of these five has been related to The Seven, one or the other member of their family has been killed by The Seven. Then these people set out to take revenge on The Seven and what happens after that you will see in season one of this series. 

All this continues in this season and then we see at the end of season one that Butcher comes to know that the person who raped and killed his wife is none other than Homelander. Butcher then goes after the Homelander and in the last scene, it is shown that Butcher's wife and child are alive and this is the ending of the season.

About The Boys Series Season 2: 

In a season one story, Butcher learns that his son has the same powers as Homelander. There season one ends and season 2 begins with the decision that The Seven will be drafted into the military. And for this reason, a trailer is also being made for them. So that the public can know that now The Seven has got military recruitment. Homelander accidentally kills an innocent in that video and this video becomes viral in public, after that one of the public figures Victoria Neuman raises their voice against Homelander. Then Homelander comes there and tries to pacify the people. But no one listens to Homelander there. And that's where we go along with seeing some backstories as well. In this season, Butcher finds his wife and child where Homelander is hiding them and tries to save them in this season. 

At the end of the season, the members of these two groups separate and go back to their respective places and the person driving the rift between the two groups is none other than Victoria Neuman. And with this, season 2 ends.

Is The Boys DC or Marvel?

Ans:- The Boys series is not affiliated with DC or Marvel Comics. Unless you consider the series to be sarcastic jokes about a connection between the two companies.  

Why are The Boys so popular?

Ans:- The Boys series is a no-nonsense gonzo. And it can probably be said that this is the reason that attracts so many viewers to the series. While movies and shows based on this type of standard comic book are a dime a dozen these days.  Rogen's show is a deterrent to shows like this one that bucks the sanitary superhero trend. It is also 100% true that a series like The Boys will never be made at Marvel.

Which universe is Homelander?

Ans:- The truth is that the Homelander character is a deliberate mix of both Marvel and DC All-American Super. In The Boys' universe, he is one of the most likable characters. But the same thing to think about is what would have happened in the series and what would have been the reaction of the trapped if Joffrey Baratheon had been given laser eyes with superhuman strength and powers.

Are The Boys better than Marvel?

Ans:- Compared to all the Disney Marvel series released in 2022, we can see that The Boys has been more popular. According to Nielsen stats, it can be said that Amazon Prime's The Boys has overtaken Marvel Studios' Disney+ series to become the most-watched superhero program of 2022.

Why was Black Noir killed?

And:- In this series The Boys, Irving is known as Black Noir. Black noir is a major antagonist in the Amazon series The Boys. Homelander finds out before Noir which of the Seven members he trusts the most. Because Black Noir knew that Homelander's father was alive and possessed by Black Noir. And Black Noir had hidden this thing from Homelander, that's why Homelander killed Black Noir.

Who killed the Homelander?

Ans:- In the end Homelander is killed by Black Noir. Black Noir is revealed to be a clone of the mighty Supe, tasked with killing Homelander.

The Boys Series Wiki Release Date:

The Boys Series Season 1 Release Date:-  26 July 2019  (Episodes 8)

The Boys Series Season 2 Release date:-  4 September - 9 October 2020  (Episodes 8)

The Boys Series Season 3 Release date:-  3 June - 8 July 2022 (Episodes 8)

The Boys Series Season 2 IMDb Rating:-   7.2/10

Also Known As:-  Siêu Anh Hùng Phá Hoại

No. Of Season:-  3

Total No. Of Episodes:-  24

Genre:-  Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi

Language:-   English

Running Time:-  1 Hour 

Platform:-  Amazon Prime

Origin Country:-  United States

Series Filming locations:-  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Production companies:-  Amazon Studios, Kickstart Entertainment, Kripke Enterprises

Series Music By:-  Christopher Lennertz, Matt Bowen

The Boys Cast Name:

Karl Urban  (Billy Butcher)

Jack Quaid  (Hughie Campbell)

Antony Starr  (Homelander)

Erin Moriarty  (Annie January)

Jessie T. Usher  (A-Train)

Laz Alonso  (Mother's Milk)

Chace Crawford  (The Deep)

Tomer Capone  (Frenchie)

Karen Fukuhara  (Kimiko Miyashiro)

Nathan Mitchell  (Black Noir)

Dominique McElligott  (Maggie Shaw)

Colby Minifie  (Ashley Barrett)

Claudia Doumit  (Victoria Neuman)

Nneka Elliott  (NNC News Anchor)

Laila Robins  (Grace Mallory)

Aya Cash  (Stormfront)

Katy Breier  (Cassandra)

Cameron Crovetti  (Ryan)

The Boys Season 3 Trailer:

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