The Marvels Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

The Marvels is a superhero action adventure film which has now been released in cinemas. I have watched this movie completely.Whatever experience I had after watching this movie, I am going to share it with you through this blog.

The Marvels Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Marvels Movie 

In the Marvels movie you will see that Captain Marvels, Monica Rambeau, Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel or Carol team up to fight a new enemy who has a dangerous weapon. What weapon does he have and now who is this new enemy and what does he want from these people? Will Captain Marvel, Monica or Ms Marvel, all three of them together be able to eliminate this enemy and stop his evil plan.To know all this you will have to watch this movie The Marbles. 

My Experience After Watching The Marvels Movie 

This movie is of Marvel so everyone had a lot of expectations with it but I did not have much expectations with this movie. After watching this movie The Marvels, I would just like to tell you that if you want to go to watch this movie, then you should also keep your expectations low. Because this is another week movie of Marvels which did not reach your expectations. You will like some parts in this movie and they will also entertain you a lot and like the character of Miss Marvel in this movie, she is a very fun loving character which you will like very much.Kamala Khan's character will be seen full of sweetness in this movie and you will also get to see some very funny moments in this movie. 

We do not get to see much new in this movie. The action of this movie is also decent, nothing has been added to it which we have not seen before. Apart from Kamala, we get to see two more main characters in this movie The Marvel. The first character is Monica whose origin story we have seen in the Wonder Vision series. And the other is Captain Marvels whom we have seen in the earlier Marvels movies. Both of these characters have been weak characters of Marbles and if seen, we can say that they are still weakly developed characters of Marvel. Especially this movie is the second movie of Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel is the strongest character of The Marvels movie but in this movie, the stronger the hero he is shown, the more weak his character appears. No one will be able to get even the slightest emotional attachment to the characters in this movie because the development of the Captain Marvel character in this movie has not been so special. Because in some science, we also feel that Captain Marvel is a side player whereas he is the main lead character of this movie. 

You will find the story of this movie to be very simple, as we have talked about the story earlier also, but I would like to tell my experience on the special aspects of this story. After watching this story, I did not feel much attachment to this movie. Because the execution of this story feels very disjointed. Sub plots are shown in the movie and she will not be seen adding anything special to the story line of this movie.

Characters Performance Of The Marvels Movie

In The Marvels movie, the performance of the characters, the movie music, the production quality, the production work, all these things are good. This is one of the few weak movies of Marvels. It is a below average movie so I would like to rate this movie 6/10.  If you like the concept of this movie even a little bit, then you can definitely watch this movie by going to the cinema, otherwise you can also wait for the release of this movie on Disney+ Hotstar or any OTT platform.

The Marvels Movie Wiki Release Date:

The Marvels Movie Release date:-  10 November 2023

The Marvels Movie IMDb Rating:-  6/10

Also Known As:-  Captain Marvel 2

Taglines:-  Higher. Further. Faster. Together.

Budget Of The Marvels Movie:-  $220,000,000 (estimated)

Genre:-  Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Original Language:-  English, Urdu

Running Time:-  1 hour 45 minutes

Platform:-  Disney + Hotstar

Origin Country:-  United States

Filming locations:-  Calabria, Italy

Production companies:-  Marvel Studios

Director:-  Nia DaCosta

Writing By:-  Nia DaCosta, Megan McDonnell, Elissa Karasik

Star Cast:-  Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani

Music By:-  Laura Karpman

Cinematography By:-  Sean Bobbitt

Film Editing By:-  Catrin Hedström, Evan Schiff

Casting By:-  Sarah Finn

The Marvels Movie Cast Name

Brie Larson  (Carol Danvers)

Teyonah Parris  (Monica Rambeau)

Iman Vellani  (Kamala Khan)

Samuel L. Jackson  (Nick Fury)

Zawe Ashton  (Dar-Benn)

Gary Lewis  (Emperor Dro'ge)

Park Seo-joon  [Prince Yan(as Seo-Jun Park)]

Zenobia Shroff  (Muneeba Khan)

Mohan Kapur  (Yusuf Khan)

Saagar Shaikh  (Aamir Khan)

Leila Farzad  (Talia)

Abraham Popoola  (Dag)

Daniel Ings  (Ty-Rone)

Alex Hughes  (Kree Announcer)

Shardiah Ssagala  (Skrull Young Adult)

Cecily Cleeve  (Skrull Young Girl)

Remi Dabiri-McQuaid  (Skrull Child)

Ffion Jolly  (Skrull Woman)

The Marvels Movie Trailer

How To Watch The Marvels Movie Online?

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✅  Watch The Marvels Movie On The Disney+Hotstar App 

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