Foundation Season 2 Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Foundation is a sci-fi drama series whose season 2 also the first episode has now been released on Apple Plus. After watching season one, I was eagerly waiting for season 2 of this series. Right now only one episode has been released in season 2 of this series and I am going to share with you through this blog whatever my experience has been after watching it. 

Foundation Season 2 Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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My Experience After Watching The Foundation Series 

This series Foundation is a continuous series, season two of this series starts from where season 1 was added. You will see in this series that Gaal and Selvor are stranded on Planet Snacks and are looking for a way out. On the other hand, on the occasion of Brother's Day, some people attack Planet Terror and you will get to see a very cute fight scene at the beginning of scene one.

And I found it very funny to see what Brother Day was doing with Dramgal. You will get to see a very strange relationship between these two characters. Along with this, mistrust is increasing between brother day, brother down, and brother dux. Because Brother Day now wants to parole the entire galaxy in his own way. 

Really like me you too will have a lot of fun following the character arc of Brother's Day. And as we saw in season one of this series, there is also a copy of Harry Salvor's consciousness which is trapped by Gaal in a Prime Radiant. Now Harry is trying to come out of her, when Harry comes out of her then what he is going to do with Gaal is going to be very interesting for you too. And episode 1 of season 2 of this series has ended by bringing on a very good cliffhanger. And now I am not even waiting for the release of Episode 2. Overall, this series Foundation has all the elements that a pro-sci-fi genre lover would want to see. This series has a very interesting but a bit complex storyline, you will enjoy following it. As the show progresses, you will become more invested in the story. 

The character work of this series is very good, you will get to see multilayer characters in this series. The sci-fi settings of this series and the visuals of this series are amazing. If you guys like to watch sci-fi dramas and you are skipping the Foundation series then you will be missing out on a great show. 

We will talk about this series Foundation after the complete release of this series. One more thing, this series Foundation is not for watching with your family, in this series Foundation you will get to hear some adult language.

Foundation Web Series Wiki

Foundation Web Series Release date:-  14 July 2023

Foundation Web Series IMDb Rating:-   7.5/10

Also known as:-  Фундація

Taglines:-  Change Your Fate

No. Of Season:-  2

No. Of Episode:-  10 +10

Genre:-  Drama, Sci-Fi

Language:-  English

Running Time:-  1 Hour

Platform:-  Apple Tv Plus

Origin Country:-  Ireland, United States

Filming locations:-  Troy Studios, Castletroy, County Limerick, Ireland

Production Company:-  Skydance Television, Wild Atlantic Pictures

Series Directed By:-  Alex Graves, Roxann Dawson, Jennifer Phang, Andrew Bernstein, David S. Goyer, Rupert Sanders

Series Editing by:-  Paul Trejo, Miklos Wright, Emily Greene, Skip Macdonald

Series Music By:-  Bear McCreary, Omer Ben-Zvi, Etienne Monsaingeon, Kelsey Woods

Series Casting By:-  Lucinda Syson, Natasha Vincent, Margareta Abena

Foundation Web Series Cast Name

Jared Harris  (Hari Seldon)

Lee Pace  (Brother Day)

Lou Llobell  (Gaal Dornick)

Leah Harvey  (Salvor Hardin)

Laura Birn  (Demerzel)

Cassian Bilton  (Brother Dawn)

Terrence Mann  (Brother Dusk)

Nimrat Kaur  (Yanna Seldon)

Holt McCallany  (Warden Jaegger Fount)

Ella-Rae Smith  (Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion)

Sandra Yi Sencindiver  (Enjoiner Rue)

Oliver Chris  (Director)

Rowena King  (Kalle)

Elsie Bennett  (Kariel Seldon)

Sean Rigby  (Nolan Seldon)

Isaac Highams  (Young Hari - Age 7)

Eva Bradley-Williams  (Varia)

Emily Stott  (Oreen)

Foundation Web Series Trailer

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