Doctor Cha Kdrama (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Doctor Cha is a Kdrama series, to watch Doctor Cha Kdrama you have to watch a total of 16 episodes. You will find all the episodes of this series available to watch on Netflix and this series has not been released in multiple languages ​​on Netflix itself. No information about multiple languages ​​has been released yet, this series will be available for you to watch on Netflix only in the original language, you can watch it with subtitles. I have finished watching this series completely today, and now I am sharing my experience with you through my blog. 

Doctor Cha Kdrama (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Doctor Cha Kdrama

The story of Dthe doctor Cha series has been kept very simple. In this series, the story of Cha's character is seen, who decides to leave her medical career and stay as a housewife to raise her children. In this series, you will get to know the reason behind Cha's decision to remain a housewife. When you will start watching this series, then you will also know all these results. And when Cha recovers from the reason behind all these things, then she again decides that she will start her medical training again and fulfill her dream which she had earlier. So will the main character of this series Cha be able to achieve his dream or will many more problems come in front of him, Meanwhile, you will get to see many issues in the family.  all these things you will have to watch to see The Doctor Cha series from start to end. 

My Experience After Watching The Doctor Cha Kdrama

Doctor Cha series was one of the costliest medical series of this year. When you see the beginning of this series, you will like it very much because this series starts its beginning very well. If you watch the starting 7 episodes of this series, you will feel like you are watching an epic-level medical Korean drama. But after that, don't know what new twist comes in the minds of the creators that in this series, don't know from where things start being shown. Due to this your emotional connection developed with the series after watching the 7 episodes of the starting, the character of this series changed with it and what you start expecting from this series,  Whatever you have got to see in the top class series so far, the things of romance which have been seen will give you an epic level of fun even further. But unfortunately, the way things have been shown in the decidedly romantic ending is totally disappointing for us in this series. Rest, if the series is seen keeping the ending of this series aside, then it is just a different-level series, you will not see any shortcomings in it. 

You will get to see great characters in this Doctor Cha series who are quite likable. You get to see a very good romance sequence in this series, you will also get to see miracle drama, you will get to see medical drama, you will get to see many ups and downs, twists and turns, Along with this, thrilling movements and a lot of dark comedy are also seen.  And the ending of the series becomes heavy in all these things. There are many more things that we can talk about in detail in this blog but I do not want to spoil the series for you. If this series is released in multiple languages ​​in the future and you want to watch it in your own language, then wait till this series is released in multiple languages. If you want to start watching its drama, then you can watch each other's drama, just its ending is a bit disappointing, otherwise, this series is quite good. You can also prefer to watch this thing with your family. Overall, this series is very average in my view, and considering all these things, I will rate the series 7.2/10.

Doctor Cha Kdrama Wiki

Doctor Cha Kdrama Release date:-  16 April 2023

Doctor Cha Kdrama IMDb Rating:-   7.7/10

Also known as:-  Bác Sĩ Cha

No. Of Episode:-  16

Genre:-  Drama, Medical, Comedy, Family drama

Language:-   Korean

Running Time:-   1 Hour

Platform:-  Netflix

Origin Country:-  South Korea

Series Filming locations:- 

Production companies:-  JTBC

Series Directed By:-  Dae-jin Kim

Series Writing By:-  Jung Yeo-rang

Series Music By:-  Jeon Jong-hyuk

Doctor Cha Kdrama Cast Name

Uhm Junghwa  (Cha Jung-sook)

Kim Byeong-cheol  (Seo In-ho)

Kim Mi-kyung  (Oh Deok-rye)

Min Woo-Hyuk  (Roy Kim)

Se-bin Myeong  (Choi Seung-hee)

Park Tae-In  (Seo In Ho)

Lee Seo-Yeon  (Seo Yi-rang)

Doctor Cha Kdrama Trailer

How to Watch The "Doctor Cha Kdrama" All Episodes Online?

✅Doctor Cha Kdrama Is streaming on the Netflix App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play Store or App Store

✅ Subscribe to the Netflix App

✅ Watch The Doctor Cha Kdrama On the Netflix App.

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