Los Farad (2023) Web Series Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Los Farad is a crime drama series which has been released on Amazon Prime and the special thing is that this series has also been released on Amazon Prime in multiple languages. In this series Los Farad, you will get to see a total of 8 episodes and the length of each episode is approximately between 40 to 55 minutes. finally maine is series I have watched Los Farad completely and now I am going to share my experience with you through this blog.

Los Farad (2023) Web Series Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Los Farad Web Series 

In the Los Farad series we get to see the story of a boy Oscar. Oscar's dream is to open his own gym but Oscar's life is not so easy and a big twist comes in his life when he meets a girl from a very rich and powerful family. The girl's name from this rich or powerful family is Sara. After meeting him, Oscar becomes a part of this rich family and joins their gang trafficking business. And after this, what kind of changes and challenges come in Oscar's life, to see all this you will have to watch this series Los Farad. 

My Experience After Watching The Los Farad Web Series

Los Farad series is a decent crime drama. The story of this series is not very unique and fresh because we have seen similar story lines of this type before. But still, if you like watching crime dramas and if you have not seen much on this topic till now, then you will definitely like the story of this series and will keep you engaged till the ending. But there is also a problem in this that you will see the story of this series moving forward in a slow phase and the story of this series has definitely been stretched more than necessary. That is why when you are watching The Los Farad series, at some places the length of this series will seem more straight to you, at some places you will find the length of this series full and at some places you will also feel bored. One reason for the feeling of boredom in this series is that you will not get to see much action anywhere in this series. This series is just a cream family drama, so do not expect much from this series, just watch it with the hope that you will not get to see much action in this series. The character work of Los Farad  series is very decent, you will get to see very good performance of the characters in this series, due to this you will stay in this series till the ending.

You will not find any very unique or outstanding personality among the characters of this series. The kind of story we have seen in this series, the characters we have seen, we have seen everything before, there is nothing unique. Music, character, performance, production quality, production work, everything about this series Los Farad is very good, Los Farad  show is a fancy looking show. 

Inshort, the Los Farad series is an average time pass series in my opinion and if you people like watching crime dramas and if you have not watched any show of this type till now, then you can watch this series. Seeing so many things, I would like to rate the Los Farad series 7/10 and the rest of the pro audience who have seen many shows of this type before can easily skip this series. If you want, you can watch this series with your family because in the Los Farad series you will hear some adult language, some sex scenes and nudity will also be seen. And the most important thing is that the story of the series has not ended in season one, it means that season 2 of the Los Farad series will also come and if you liked season 1 of this series, then you can wait for season 2 of this series.

Los Farad Web Series Wiki Release Date:

Los Farad Movie Release date:-  12 December 2023 

Los Farad Movie IMDb Rating:-  7.5/10

Also Known As:-  I Farad

Genre:-   Thriller

No. Of Episode:-  8

Original Language:-  Spanish

Running Time:-  2 hours 53 minutes

Platform:-  Amazon Prime

Origin Country:-  Spain

Production companies:-  Mod Producciones, Espotlight Media, Amazon Prime Video

Series Directed By:-  Mariano Barroso, Polo Menárguez

Series Writing By:-  Mariano Barroso, Alejandro Hernández

Series Casting By:-  Eva Leira, Yolanda Serrano

Star Cast:-  Miguel Herrán, Susana Abaitua, Pedro Casablanc

Series Editing By:-  Jaime Colis, Ángel Hernández Zoido

Series Cinematography By:-  Ángel Iguácel

Los Farad Web Series Cast Name

Miguel Herrán  (Oskar)

Susana Abaitua  (Sara Farad)

Pedro Casablanc  (Leo Farad)

Nora Navas  (Carmen)

Fernando Tejero  (Manuel)

Amparo Piñero  (Tanya Farad)

Adam Jezierski  (Hugo Farad)

Omar Ayuso

Rachel Sorsa  (Carmen)

Roberto Lezana  (Mario)

Nahuel Picone  (Doble de luces)

Cristina Ureta  (Doble de luces)

José Florencio Piñero  (Doble de luces)

Igal Naor  (Abdel Mawad)

Selim Clayssen  (Jerome)

Makram Khoury  (Monzer Al Aasad)

Vicky Araico  (Gina)

Hamid Krim  (Khalid)

Los Farad Web Series Trailer

How to Watch The "Los Farad Web Series" All Episodes Online?

✅Los Farad Web Series Is streaming on the Amazon Prime App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play store or App store

✅ Subscribe to the Amazon Prime App

✅ Watch The Los Farad Web Series On the Amazon Prime App.

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