The Conference Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

The Conference is a slasher comedy thriller movie which has now been released on Netflix and you will get to watch this movie in multiple languages ​​on Netflix itself. Finally I have watched The Conference movie and now I am going to share my experience with you through this blog. 

The Conference Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Conference Movie

In the story of this The Conference movie, you will see that some employees belonging to the public sector gather at one place for a team building conference. But later on this conference brings a big challenge in the lives of the employees and it becomes a question of their life and death. And such a situation occurs in a conference because a person wearing a mask enters the conference and starts harassing people in such a manner as if he is taking revenge for something. After this, whatever happens next in the story of this movie is interesting, to know all these things you will have to watch this movie The Conference. 

My Experience After Watching The Conference Movie

I have watched this movie The Conference in its entirety and I found this movie a bit chilly. But this movie is very bloody, brutal and funny. My experience after watching this movie was very good.As we talked about the story of this movie, you might have found it simple in the beginning itself, then yes, the story of this movie is very simple. But the execution of this movie is a lot more fun and believe me, you will also enjoy a lot after watching this movie. In this movie, we will definitely get to see many things which we have seen before in some movies or series, so if you want to watch a movie with a unique story, developed characters and very famous story line, then you may not like this movie. But if you do not want to watch any deep character story based movie and you want to watch or like simple slasher thriller bloody movies, then this movie will not disappoint you at all. I have told you this before that I enjoyed this movie a lot. Yes, there are some classes in this movie, there are some points, but despite that, I honestly liked this movie very much. 

Characters Performance Of The Conference Movie

You can believe the setup shown in this movie and the characters shown in this movie appear a little weak in the beginning but as the movie progresses, The characters of this movie keep getting developed and we start enjoying watching them. In this movie, a lot of suspense has been shown about the villain character, what he is, why he is doing everything, whatever he is doing has been defined very well in it. Besides, you will also get to see a lot of killing scenes in this movie. Some of these killing scenes are very brutal and you will feel really bad after seeing them, but the scenes are very good.

Otherwise, you will get to see very good performances of all the actors in The Conference  movie. The music of The Conference movie, the overall production quality, production work, all these things are also very good. The Conference  movie is a very enjoyable movie in my view, my experience was very enjoyable, that is why I would like to rate this movie 8/10. And with this I would suggest you to watch this movie, if you like watching slasher thriller movies then this movie is for you,  Otherwise you can skip this movie. Lastly, I would like to say that if you want, you can prefer watching this movie with your family, but in this movie you will get to see some nudity scenes, and you will also get to hear some adult language. And in The Conference movie, killing scenes have been shown in full, so you will definitely get to see blood and violence in this movie.

The Conference Movie Wiki Release Date:

The Conference Movie Release date:-  13 October 2023

The Conference Movie IMDb Rating:-  5.8/10

Also Known As:-  Hội Nghị Chết Chóc

Genre:-  Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Original Language:-  Swedish

Running Time:-  1 hour 40 minutes

Platform:-  Netflix

Origin Country:-  Sweden

Filming locations:-  

Production companies:-  SF Studios

Director:-  Patrik Eklund

Writing By:-  Patrik Eklund, Thomas Moldestad, Mats Strandberg

Star Cast:-  Katia Winter, Adam Lundgren, Eva Melander

Film Editing By:-  Robert Krantz

Film Cinematography By:-  Simon Rudholm

Music By:-  Andreas Tengblad

The Conference Movie Cast Name

Katia Winter  (Lina)

Adam Lundgren  (Jonas)

Eva Melander  (Eva)

Bahar Pars  (Nadja)

Amed Bozan  (Amir)

Maria Sid  (Ingela)

Christoffer Nordenrot  (Kaj)

Claes Hartelius  (Torbjörn)

Cecilia Nilsson  (Anette)

Lola Zackow  (Jenny)

Marie Agerhäll  (Cleo)

Jimmy Lindström  (Karl)

Martin Lagos  (Roger)

Robert Follin  (Sotis)

Margareta Pettersson  (V.o commercial)

The Conference Movie 2023 Trailer

How to Watch The "The Conference Movie" Online?

✅The Conference Movie Is streaming on the Netflix App. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

✅ Go to your Play Store or App Store

✅ Subscribe to the Netflix App

✅ Watch The Conference Movie On the Netflix App.

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