Retribution Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Retribution is an action thriller film that has been released in multiple languages ​​on Lions Gate Play. Finally I have watched this movie Retribution and with this I am going to share my experience with you through this blog. 

Retribution Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Retribution Movie

In this movie you will get to see the story of a bank executive whose name is Mat. Mat is taking his children to school when suddenly he receives an unknown call. And that unknown caller tells the mate that there is a bomb in his car and if he tries to stop the car or take him out of the car, the bomb will explode. How does Mat save his children should that bomb explode? Then to see what happens further in the story, you will have to watch this movie.

My Experience After Watching The Retribution Movvie

In this movie Retribution, Leon is playing the character of Leon, the last few movies of Leon that we have seen have not been so special. That's why I don't have much expectations with this movie. Now I have watched this movie completely so I can tell you well about this movie and I can say that it is a stupid ridiculous movie. Even if you watch Retribution movie without using your brain, this movie will not be able to entertain you. Because you will be able to find all the illogical mistakes in it even without using your brain. You will see so many illogical mistakes in it that you will not enjoy this Retribution movie. 

The character work of this movie is also not that special, none of the characters in this movie are even the slightest likeable and that is why seeing the characters of this movie stuck in difficult situations, You will not be able to feel any kind of emotional feeling or attachment for the characters of the movie. And this is not the only bad thing about Retribution movie, but after seeing the ending of the movie, I felt a lot of disappointment after watching that too. 

You will not get to see much action in this movie and whatever action will be seen is not that good. In this movie Retribution, you will not get to see car chase sequences, nor will you get to see any fight scenes in this movie, nor will you get to see any hand to hand combat or gun fight scenes. So even if you want to watch this movie because of the action, you will be disappointed because I have already told you about the action of this movie. 

In this movie Retribution the main character performance character work production quality production work is decent to watch.In short this movie is a complete waste of time experience for me, Retribution movie is a flop movie so I would like to rate this movie 5.5/10. And in the ending, I would just like to tell you that you should not waste your most valuable time in watching this flop movie, if you want to watch something, So now you can watch some good shows coming on some more platforms.

Retribution Movie Wiki Release Date:

Retribution Movie Release date:-  25 August 2023 

Retribution Movie IMDb Rating:-  5.3/10

Also Known As:-  Trừng Phạt

Taglines:-  This Summer, all roads lead to the truth.

Genre:-   Action, Thriller

Budget Of The Retribution:-  $20,000,000 (estimated)

Taglines:-  Every love story has its own war.

Original Language:-  English, German

Running Time:-  1 hour 31 minutes

Platform:-  Official Site

Origin Country:-  France, Germany, Spain, United States

Filming locations:-  Mitte, Berlin, Germany (Potsdamer Platz)

Production companies:-  StudioCanal, The Picture Company, Ombra Films

Director:-  Nimród Antal

Writing By:-  Alberto Marini, Christopher Salmanpour

Music By:-  Harry Gregson-Williams

Casting By:-  Rori Bergman

Star Cast:-  Liam Neeson, Noma Dumezweni, Lilly Aspell

Film Editing By:-  Steve Mirkovich

Film Cinematography By:-  Flavio Martínez Labiano

Retribution Movie Cast Name

Liam Neeson  (Matt Turner)

Noma Dumezweni  (Angela Brickmann)

Lilly Aspell  (Emily Turner)

Jack Champion  (Zach Turner)

Arian Moayed  (Sylvain)

Embeth Davidtz  (Heather Turner)

Matthew Modine  (Anders Müller)

Emily Kusche  (Mila)

Luca Márkus  (Kat)

Bernhard Piesk  (Captain Dregger)

Michael S. Ruscheinsky  (Man in the Blue Suit)

Antonije Stankovic  (Young Protestor)

Christian Koerner  (BPol Police Officer)

Gerhard Elfers  (Male News Anchor)

Peter Miklusz  (Press Conference Reporter)

Luc Etienne  (Pils Groger)

Nedy John Cross  (Passerby)

Daniel Grave  (Male Phone Voice)

Retribution Movie Trailer

How to Watch "The Retribution Movie" Online?

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