The Covenant Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

The Covenant This is a War, Action, and Thriller movie that has been released on VOD, and this movie is yet to be released in Hindi. But whenever this film will be available for rent and bought on Bookmyshow or amazon prime, then such news has been received that it will be released in Hindi there. 

The Covenant Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Covenant Movie

You will see in this film the story of ex-sergeant John Kinley of our army, who comes back to Afghanistan during the ongoing war in Afghanistan so that he can get one of his comrades out of Afghanistan who once saved his life. Will John be able to succeed in his mission or not, to know all this you will have to watch this film.

My Experience After Watching The Covenant Movie

This film has been directed by Guy Ritchie, and people like Guy Ritchie's films very much because Guy Ritchie is a good director and also does a great job. This movie completely surprised me because I have seen a lot of war movies before especially war movies made in Afghanistan so before watching this movie I was thinking that story-wise this movie will give me something that will not be able to make a special offer but I was surprised after watching this movie. Because in this film such an aspect of us Afghanistan war has been covered which has not been done before by anyone, that's why I developed an interest in the story of the film right from the start of the film and then as it, the film was progressing and the story was becoming equally interesting. The first half of the film is very good, you will very well feel the tension, intensity, thrill, and suspense in the first half of the film.

And the second half of the film is also good but in the second half the story becomes a bit predictable but still your interest will not decrease while watching the film. Pictures, choreography, and action sequences have been shown very well in this film, which will make you feel even better. Mostly you will get to see a gunfight in this film. If you are an action lover then you will definitely like this movie. In the rest of the film, you will like the character of John and Ahmed, and the bonding between them, especially Ahmed's character will be seen giving you a good emotional wait in this film. And whenever you see John and Ahmed fighting for their survival in a difficult situation, you will definitely feel some care for these two characters, which is a very good thing.

Characters Performance Of The Covenant Movie

The rest of the performance of all the characters in this film is good, especially Jake and Dar Salim, both of these actors will get to see very good performance in this film. The music, visual effects, and production quality of this film are very good.

Weak Point Of The Covenant Movie

There are definitely some small issues in the film which can be talked about, but I will not spoil the film by talking about those small issues. This is a very good movie in my view, so I will rate this movie 8/10. I would recommend you to watch this movie if you like war, action and thriller movies.

The Covenant Movie Wiki:

The Covenant Movie Release date:-  21 April 2023 

The Covenant Movie IMDb Rating:-  7.8/10

Also Known As:-  Guy Ritchie's The Covenant

Genre:-   Action, Thriller

Budget:-  $55,000,000 (estimated)

Original Language:-   English, Dari

Running Time:-  2 hours 3 minutes

Platform:-  VOD

Origin Country:-  United Kingdom, Spain

Filming locations:-  Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain

Production company:-  Fresco Film Services, STX Films, Toff Guy Films

Director:-  Guy Ritchie

Writing By:-  Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies, Guy Ritchie

Music By:-  Christopher Benstead

Casting By:-  Daniel Hubbard, Cynthia Huffman

Film Editing By:-  James Herbert

The Covenant Movie Cast Name

Jake Gyllenhaal  (Sergeant John Kinley)

Dar Salim  (Ahmed)

Sean Sagar  (Charlie 'Jizzy' Crow)

Jason Wong  (Joshua 'JJ' Jung)

Rhys Yates  (Tom 'Tom Cat' Hancock)

Christian Ochoa Lavernia  (Eduardo 'Chow Chow' Lopez)

Bobby Schofield  (Steve Kersher)

Emily Beecham  (Caroline Kinley)

Jonny Lee Miller  (Colonel Vokes)

Alexander Ludwig  (Sergeant Declan O'Brady)

Reza Diako  (Haadee)

James Nelson-Joyce  (Jack 'Jack Jack' Jackson)

Fariba Sheikhan  (Basira)

Gary Anthony Stennette  (Desk Sergeant)

Saboor Sahak  (Afghan Man)

Antony Starr  (Eddie Parker)

Abbas Fasaei  (Pooya)

Hadi Khanjanpour  (Edris)

The Covenant Movie Trailer

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