Play Dead Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Play Dead is a crime thriller film, which is released in multiple languages. I am going to share my experience with you after watching Play Dead movie. 

Play Dead Movie (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Play Dead Movie

You'll see Chloe's story in the Play-Dead movie. Chloe fakes her own death to save her brother from prison. So that his dead body should be taken to the same mortuary where there is evidence against his brother. And then Chloe will find the evidence in there and steal it, and then Chloe will run out from the mortuary. But after going to this morgue, she gets trapped and she sees that a man working there is doing something very terrible with the dead bodies present in the morgue. Will Chloe be able to survive in such a scary situation or not? or will Chloe be able to get out of the morgue or not? To know all these things whether she will be able to save her brother or not, you have to watch this movie Play Dead from start to end.

My Experience After Watching The Play Dead Movie

This movie is not that bad, this movie Play Dead can definitely be seen for a good time pass.  You just won't get to see logical things anywhere in Play-Dead movies, that's why you are requested to watch this movie by switching off your mind. If you use your mind to watch this movie Play Dead.
The movie is not a smart lee return and the smart executive movie just if you want to enjoy the ridiculousness of this movie, So whatever will be shown to you in the movie, whatever is going on, you will have to enjoy it in the same way. And when the twists are shown in this movie in which Chloe gets stuck in the morgue, from there you will enjoy watching the movie a lot more. Because after this scene the movie turns into a survival thriller, and then from here you will start feeling all these things of tension and intensity thriller while watching the movie. Asar you will also get to see decently intense and thrilling moments in the movie. Some small twists and turns are also shown to you in the story of this movie. And the only thing you'll be curious to see is how Chloe gets out of the problem she's stuck in, or how she gets out of the morgue, which is evidence of her brother's innocence, how will the Evidence get Chloe out of there? Your taking so much tension for this movie for its characters, feeling so desperately for them is a good thing for this movie. If you have seen 10 to 15 minutes of the start of Play-Dead movie, then after that this movie will make you a good pass time. 

You will also get to see the development of the characters that you get to see in the Play-Dead movie to the surface level. That's why you will not be able to be emotional among the actors in this movie. But whatever you will get to see the character of the villain, you are shown whatever he is doing in this movie. Whatever his motives are and whatever his motivations are, they are a bit interesting. And you will definitely feel bad for Chloe when she is stuck in her predicament. But even then you will not be able to get too much involved in Chloe's character and will not be able to get emotionally attached to her. The rest of the people who have been shown to you in this movie today, their performance and film's music, the production work of the film, and the production quality of the film are all very average. 

I have already told you that this movie is not a smart return and smartly executive movie But still if you do not have much to watch and you want to watch something for a time pass that will give you fun then you can prefer this movie Play Dead. But to see this, you have to keep your mind off it because you will not see many logical things anywhere in this. And if you like to watch logical voice stories and survivor thriller dramas then you can easily skip this movie. That's why I will rate Play-Dead movie 6/10 and if you want you can also watch this movie with family, But you will get to see very damaged types of dead bodies in this movie and it will be seen even after the postmortem of dead bodies. So overall you are going to see a lot of blood and violence in Play-Dead movies, so if you want, you can keep this movie away from your children. 

Play Dead Movie Wiki:

Play Dead Movie Release date:-  7 April 2023 (United States)

Play Dead Movie IMDb Rating:-  5.1/10

Also Known As:-  Клаустрофобы: Квест с того света

Genre:-  Horror, Thriller

Original Language:-   English

Running Time:-  1 hour 46 minutes

Platform:-  Amazon Prime

Origin Country:-  United States

Filming locations:-  

Production company:-  Green Light Pictures, Bradley Pilz Productions

Director:-  Patrick Lussier

Writing By:-  Simon Boyes, Adam Mason

Music By:-  Steve Moore

Film Editing By:-  Tommy Aagaard

Stars Cast:-  Bailee Madison, Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Turpel

Play Dead Movie Cast Name

Bailee Madison  (Chloe Albright)

Jerry O'Connell  (The Coroner)

Anthony Turpel  (T.J. Albright)

Chris Lee  (Ross)

Chris Butler  (Sheriff Duggan)

Jorge-Luis Pallo  (Mannix)

Kyler O'Neal  (Randy)

Haley Pilz  (Coroner's Daughter)

Sterling Beaumon  (Deputy Farmer)

Josh Harp  (Old Man)

Ashad Hashine  (Patient)

Coco Fenton  (Patient)

Greg Wells  (Patient)

Marcel Sawyer  (Patient)

Tim Davis  (Bystander)

Allen Marsh  (Dead Body)

Stephanie Rojas  (Deputy)

Chris Long  (Deputy)

Play Dead Movie Trailer

How to Watch The "Play Dead Movie" Online?

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