Dahaad Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

Dahad is a crime drama series, which has been released on Amazon Prime. In the Dahaad series, we will get to see a total of 8 episodes. And the length of each episode is approximately between 50 to 55 minutes. After watching this series Dahad completely, I will share my experience with you through this blog. 

Dahaad Web Series (2023) Review, Wiki, Cast & More

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Story Of The Dahaad Web Series

In the Dahaad series, you will get to see the story of a police officer, this police officer is a girl named Anjali. Anjali belongs to a small town in Rajasthan. And a case has come to it for investigation, this case of missing a girl. Anjali is a very good police officer but still, this case becomes difficult for Anjali because the news of missing not one but many girls start coming in front of her one after the other. Through other information, he also starts getting the news of the murder of girls one after the other. So after all, who is killing all these girls by making them disappear, to know all these things, you have to watch it like this from start to end how Anjali solves this case, And how he gets the clues of this case, you will also get to know all these things in the series. 

My Experience After Watching The Dahaad Web Series

We cannot define anything clearly in Dahaad series because it is a 50-50 series I liked many parts in it and there were many parts that I did not like at all. First, we will talk about those things in this series that I liked in Serious and then after that, we will talk about those things which I did not like at all in the series.

Scenes That I Liked In This Dahaad Web Series

In this series, the police will be seen searching for the serial killer. And in this series, who is the serial killer, you will know from the beginning, but the mystery related to the serial killer shown in this series is how and why that serial killer is killing those girls. And then the mystery will finally open where the end of the serial killer will be told. You will see the mystery of this series unfolding slowly from the first episode till the last episode of the series. The Dahaad series is the unfolding story, its mystery that will keep you decently engaged with the Dahaad series. Dahaad series is not very intense and gripping but still, the mystery of this series definitely kept your interest in the series. And in the series which shows the investigation part of Anjali, in which she along with her team is investigating the missing and murder case,  All those scenes have also been given a very real view and have been presented to us in a very believable manner.

Although there are some things in this series, I did not feel real and a believer. The Dahaad series depicts all the possible scenes that would have been faced by the police in case of murder and missing cases. And you will definitely want to see the end of this series so that how Anjali and her team will solve this case.  This is a very good positive point of the series Dahaad. The most important thing is that the series has also highlighted many social issues such as the caste system, the kind of Discrimination happening in the upper caste and lower caste, And many important aspects such as dirty politics in the name of religion were also shown. Some more real-life issues have been highlighted in the series Dahad. And This is the main story of this series, in which the serial killer is making the girls disappear and killing them by trapping them in his trap, then you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment in knowing all these sequences. 

Characters Performance Of The Dahaad Web Series

Vijay Verma has played the role of a serial killer in the series, who fits very well in his role. Apart from Vijay Verma, all the main characters in this series have very good characters in the series. I have not understood any issue in this series regarding the performance of the actors in this series, but if we talk about the production work and creation work of this series, then all those things will also be seen as decent.

Weak Points Of The Dahaad Web Series

All the social issues highlighted in this series have been touched on above in this series, and no issue has been shown deeply. And the characters in the series are good, I have liked them and because of that character, you will remain in this show from start to end. But you will not be able to engage emotionally with these characters, you will not be able to connect emotionally with them. And in this series, we will get to see the personal drama between Anjali and other characters, there is nothing new to see in this series. The story of the overall series has also been stretched a lot, you will get to see every episode between 50-50 minutes. This series is not at all smartly returned and executed if this series is smartly written and executed, then the length of this series does not feel so much and it gets to see very good material in a very short delay. 

You will also get to see social issues in the Dahaad series and the performance of the actress is very good in this series, looking at all these things I will give the weight of the series 8/10. After watching the Dahaad series, you will have a good time passing. This is just advice for you guys this series is not very intense and gripping, not very smart, returns, and is not well executed. But still, if you like watching Soch made on serial Colors, then you can go through this series once. The investigation of the story in the Dahaad series has been completed in Part One itself, which means that the series's second season will not come. And even if a second season comes in this series, you will see a new story in it. If you want, you can avoid watching the series with your family, in this series you will get to hear some adult scenes and adult language.

Dahaad Web Series Wiki Release Date:

Dahaad Series Release date:-  12 May 2023

Dahaad Series IMDb Rating:-   6.2/10

Also known as:-  Roar

No. Of Episode:-  8

Genre:-  Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Language:-   Hindi

Running Time:-  50 To 55 Minutes 

Platform:-  Amazon Prime

Origin Country:-  India

Series Filming locations:- 

Production companies:-  Excel Entertainment, Tiger Baby Films

Series Directed By:-  Reema Kagti, Ruchika Oberoi, Farhan Akhtar, Zoya Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani

Series Editing by:-  Anand Subaya, Nitin Baid

Series Casting By:-  Hemang Vyas, Nandini Shrikent, Karan Mally, Nandini Shrikent

Series Music By:-  Tarana Marwah, Gaurav Raina

Dahaad Web Series Cast Name

Sonakshi Sinha  (Anjali Bhaati)

Vijay Varma  (Anand Swarnakar)

Gulshan Devaiah  (Devilal Singh)

Sohum Shah  (Kailash Parghi)

Manyuu Doshi  (Shiv Swarnakar)

Zoa Morani  (Vandana)

Jayati Bhatia  (Devki Bhatti)

Ankur Verma  (Sunny)

Yogi Singha  (Murli)

Hemang Vyas  (Standup Comedian)

Karan Maru  (Sajjan Rathore)

Manjiri Pupala  (Aarti)

Swati Semwal  (Neelam Bargi)

Divyanshu Veerwani  (Kapish)

Sanghmitra Hitaishi  (Miriam)

Prashansa Sharma  (Sindoora)

Varad Bhatnagar  (Kassim)

Ram Bahadur Rennu  (Shyamlal)

Dahaad Web Series Trailer:

How to Watch The "Dahaad Web Series" All Episodes Online?

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✅ Watch The Dahaad Web Series On the Amazon Prime App.

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